Blue Jays Happy Hour: Episode 19 - Meaningful September baseball? (with guest Kaitlyn McGrath!)


The Jays did reasonably well over their last week against Detroit and Baltimore, but the team still needs to make a big move in the standings and time for that is running out. Fortunately, one of the teams they’re chasing, the Oakland A’s, make a visit to the Rogers Centre this weekend, and with a big series in the Bronx looming, the Jays need to find their way even more definitively out of their recent offensive funk.

On this week’s Blue Jays Happy Hour we talk about all that, as we try not to look too deep into the future beyond a fun month of games still ahead. And we were also joined by the Athletic’s Kaityln McGrath for a great chat about the recent return of normalcy for beat writers, trying to produce unique content during a pandemic, the greatness of Robbie Ray, and more. Have a listen!

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