What is this?

The Batflip is a blog about the Toronto Blue Jays disguised as a newsletter.

Who am I?

Andrew Stoeten, formerly of the Athletic, the National Post, VICE Sports, Blue Jays Nation, theScore, Drunk Jays Fans, and probably more.

Why a newsletter?

Because people seem to like them, Substack looks great and is easy to use, and because, if I'm being honest, it's the easiest way to monetize my work.

Oh, so this is going to cost me money?

Not necessarily! The majority of content on here is going to be free for everyone to read, which I'm very excited about after years behind a paywall. However, your boy needs to eat, so I would forever be in your debt if you do become a paid subscriber. Doing so will give you access to the comments section, allow you to ask mail bag questions, see subscriber-exclusive posts and podcast episodes, and will help keep what I write free for everyone else to read.

Podcast episodes?

Yes, there will be a podcast. Though unless something changes ol' reliable will have to be flying solo. :(

How often will you be writing?

At least three times a week, but very likely more than that. I'm trying to under-promise and over-deliver in this regard. And if the site evolves into something more blog-like, that number will definitely go up. If longer and more thought-out pieces like I've been doing the past couple years do better, three-to-five pieces per week will be my goal.

Anything else to add?

Not really! Just that I'm excited to be embarking on this new site, I really hope it works and think it will, but that I do need paid subscribers to make it as good as it possibly can be — this is now my job, it’s all I do — and I hope you’ll consider that option.

Go Jays!

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