Sitemap - 2022 - THE BATFLIP

Atkins speaks: "I can't imagine a better fit for this team"

Moreno and Gurriel for Varsho!!!

Shapiro speaks: With McCown and Shannon on renovations, crossing the CBT threshold, the offseason, and much more!

Atkins speaks: Chris Bassitt, finances, free agents, the trade market, and more!

The Jays' payroll has reached the CBT threshold as Kiermaier is introduced

News, Notes, Thoughts: On ownership, catchers, outfielders, and more!

The Jays land RHP Chris Bassitt!

The Jays have signed Kevin Kiermaier???

Winter Meetings 2022: Judge stays, Manfred sucks, Jays still quiet

Winter Meetings 2022: Monday

Was Friday's non-tender deadline another Blue Jays dud?

Atkins speaks!: Talkin' Teo trade with Tim

Teoscar traded!!!!

Tapia and Zimmer exit as four are added to the 40-man at the Rule 5 protection deadline

Today in MLBTR: Making sense of this week's GM meetings chatter

Today in MLBTR: The offseason is underway!

Blue Jays prospect stock watch — 2023 edition!

Blue Jays trade tiers — 2023 edition!: From the untouchable to the Yusei Kikuchi

Mail bag: The mid-autumn of our discontent!

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Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 48: Managing expectations

The Jays get back on the Schneid

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 47: Thinking negatively!

Thoughts on Ohtani and the future of Sportsnet's booth

Thinking (and rethinking) about MLB's new playoff format

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 46: Thinking positively!

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 45: Post-post-season-post-mortem!

MLB Trade Rumors' arbitration projections underline the Jays' tricky financials

Well that sucked!

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 44: Game Two preview and existential dread!

This is where the fun begins...

MORE AUDIO!: Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 43: Season review/playoff preview (plus my appearance on Tall Can Audio!)

AUDIO: Talkin' Jays on Pitch Talks!

Weekend Up: Built for October

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 42: Hackin' darts and breakin' hearts

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 41: Sitting in Judge-ment

Three down: Jays lose, Yankees clinch, and worse!

AUDIO: Talking about myself on Toronto Mike'd!

Slipping back... (to still being comfortably in a playoff spot)

Weekend Up!: Good weekend, bad ending

Is Manfredball melting our brains?

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 40: Bo, White, and the 70,000 dogs

The Bo Show goes on

Weekend Up!: No sweep in the heart of Texas

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 39: New rule!

Three Up: Oh! A Man

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 38: The Full Nelson

Long Weekend Up (Part II): Nelson Dunce/Rain-Bo Rising

Long Weekend Up (Part I): The Jays show some steel in Pittsburgh

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 37: Hot dog, we have a wiener

Shapiro speaks!: What We Talk About When We Talk About the 2022 Toronto Blue Jays

Rally to Restore Sanity

On Bo Bichette and the Austin Riley contract (no, really!)

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 35: Torched by an Angel

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 34: Boston Marathon

Three Up!: Extra Winnings!

Bullpen limitations / The 2023 schedule

Weekend Up!: The Jays take three of four from the stupid Yankees

Wins! Kikuchi! Stripling! Berríos!

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 33: Springing back

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 32: Where the rubber meets the road

Blue Jays Happy Hour: Ep. 31 - Into the Schneider-verse

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 30: Bad Vibes

Dear John... (Plus: JBJ???)

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 29: Twin killing

Atkins speaks!: On Merrifield's status, Bass and Pop, Strip and Spring, deadline deals, and more!

LISTEN: Talkin' trade deadline on Tall Can Audio

Deadline Day Recap: All steak, no sizzle

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 28: Trade Deadline Live!!!

Deadline Day: Afternoon Snack

We have a trade: Jordan Groshans moved to Miami for better relief help that you may think!

Deadline Day: Lunchtime Update!

Are the Blue Jays in for a trade dud-line day??

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 27: Trade Deadline Preview

Today in Alek Manoah/Today in MLBTR

Friday Fun: News, Notes, Links, a mini mail bag, Today in MLBTR, and more!

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 26: Reno-ovation

The Blue Jays might have nailed this whole renovation thing (Plus: Today in MLBTR!!!)

Three Up: Welcome Buck, Ain't it Grand, Today in MLBTR, and more!!

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 25: 28 Runs Later

Anatomy of an inside-the-park grand slam!

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 24: Reaching for the punchies

News and notes: Rumours, renovations, and more!

The All-Star and Draft Grab Bag!

We are now exiting The Charlie Discourse...

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 23: The Charlie Montoyo Episode

We are now entering The Charlie Discourse...

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 21: How sweep it isn't!

Let's fix this f%#?@$!& pitching staff!

Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 20: Seeing what sticks

Lessons from 2015 and 2016

Mid-season report cards!

Long Weekend Up (Part II): Long Weekend Down...

Long Weekend Up (Part I): Two big wins, and pitching performances, to start a big series!

Mail bag: Somehow almost halfway home!

VIDEO: Talking Jays on Circling the Bases!

What do we make of the Jays' tire fire bullpen?

"This is my house!": Anatomy of a walk-off

Hot Gaus

Blue Jays sign free agent reliver Sergio Romo!

Weekend Up: Ain't it funny how leads slip away...

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Blue Jays Happy Hour - Ep. 17: Ejectioneering (w/guest Drew Fairservice!)

An ejection, a grand slam, and a meltdown averted: The Jays salvage one in Chicago

The Jays lose an epic battle with the White Sox and an umpire

Turning into a skid...

What's up with Kevin Gausman?

"Pura adrenalina": Jays walk off the O's after a wild evening of baseball!

Another Kikuchi dud

Hyun Jin Ryu is done for the season, his Jays career now in jeopardy

Weekend (plus Monday) Up!: The Jays keep winning, but can't seem to gain ground

Off Daze: An ugly loss, an exciting call-up, a new Blue Jays Happy Hour, and a weekend in Detroit!

The Jays shut out the 27th best offence in baseball again, win 7-0!

Kansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!

Weekend Up!: It was a frustrating series, but at least the bats stayed hot!

Catching up on some sweeps!!!!!

The offence stays hot and Ryu outduels Ohtani as the Jays win game one in Anaheim


Ep. 8: An eight run outburst and another Gausman gem!

The Jays lose ugly in St. Louis

Weekend Up!: The Jays win a series, though it didn't exactly feel like a victory

Notes and links: Can you please feast on the Reds, Blue Jays?

Berríos improves again as the Jays win their first series in the month of May

The offence returns and Kikuchi shines as the Jays begin homestand with a badly needed win

Grim: The Blue Jays in early May by the numbers

Weekend Up!: The Trop is as the Trop does (read: the Jays lost another series)

Notes and links: The slumping Jays enter the dreaded Trop

How do you solve a problem like the Blue Jays' lineup?

Blue Jays Happy Hour 2.0: Episode 5 — The hits just keep on failing to come!

Blue Jays Happy Hour 2.0: Episode 4 — Less Happy Than You'd Like!

Kikuchi clicks but Berríos sputters as the Jays win one then lose one on Wednesday and Thursday

Have a listen to a brand new Blue Jays Happy Hour podcast!


Ugh. The Jays offence struggles again, the bullpen finally breaks, and the Yankees win.

Shapiro and Atkins (and Dante!) Speak!

Weekend Up!: The Summer of George continues as the Jays take another series against the Astros

Here's where you can listen to today's Blue Jays Happy Hour Live Post-Game episode!

Manoah shines as the Jays win another series in a 1-0 nail-biter against the Red Sox

Check out the first live, post-game episode of Blue Jays Happy Hour!

The bats struggle and the dam bursts on the bullpen as the Jays waste a great Stripling performance

Gausman is magic and Springer dingers as the Jays pull out a wild walk-off win

Changes are coming to Blue Jays Happy Hour!

Berríos gives up hard contact, but Bo slams the door shut on the Red Sox

Weekend up!: The Jays take another series, this time in Houston

Gaus is the man, Jays get a series win in Boston

Blue Jays Happy Hour: Episode 38 - Gausman's gem, robo umps, and early season thoughts

Berríos battles, Springer's bruised, but the Jays win one in Fenway behind Ramel Tapia's bat!

Kikuchi takes a step forward as another flat Jays performance throws one away in Boston

VIDEO: Pre-game chat about Jays vs. Red Sox!

Blue Jays Happy Hour: Episode 37 - Vlad's pretty good, huh?

The Jays win a wild one in the Bronx behind an unbelievable Vladtrick!

Three Up!: Jays @ Yankees - Game 5/162

Three Up!: Jays @ Yankees - Game 4/162

Three Up!: The 2022 season begins!

Blue Jays Happy Hour: Episode 36 - Previewing the season!!

Mail bag: The future looks bright!

Three Up: Jays @ Pirates (4/1/22)

Blue Jays Happy Hour: Episode 35 - Fairer or Fowler

Three Up: Jays vs. Tigers (3/31/22)

Three Up: Jays @ Yankees (3/30/22)

Three Up: Jays @ Braves (3/28/22)

Three Up: Jays vs. Phillies (3/27/22)

Three Up: Jays @ Yankees (3/26/22)

Blue Jays Happy Hour: Episode 34 - Handsome Randy, We Hardly Knew Ye

Three Up: Jays vs. Pirates (3/19/21)

Three up: Jays @ Phillies (3/19/22)

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Blue Jays Happy Hour: Episode 33 - The Matt Chapman Emergency

The hot stove was boiling on Monday!

The Jays have signed LHP Yusei Kikuchi!

Blue Jays Happy Hour: Episode 32 - Baseball is Back!

The lockout is over! Opening day set for April 7th!

Talking about the lockout and its impact on the Jays on Tall Can Audio!

Lockout continues; Manfred cancels opening day

If Juan Soto turned down $350 million from the Nationals, the Jays probably shouldn't wait a year to extend Vlad

Searching for positives in MLB's lockout mess

Blue Jays Happy Hour: Episode 31 - Locking Down Our Projection Over/Unders!

Baseball’s Hall of Fame is functioning as designed and that’s why it sucks

On the state of MLB's lockout

Mail bag: The coldest of stoves

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